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[Meerkin] (OPEN) Mourning Goat

Anyways this is an OTA! Open for anyone interested in this little baby. 

Clan: Kappy
Theme: Mourning Goat 
Rank: Merchant
Mutations: x1 Hollow fruit used for Colored hollow eyes(very rare/adopt only) 

Be sure to read the terms of service before offering! 
:iconisland-of-merrios: closed species by @/miss-koujishi 
Be sure to respect each other in the comments. <3

Preferred Offers: 
-Points (1 usd = 100 points)

Willing to Take: 
Artwork(I perfer artwork from people who I watch but you can offer away) 
Closed species characters(I'm currently interested in Axolgooeys, Foolings, Grem2 and Salamoths)
Werewolf themed characters
Griffia Items

Not looking for: 
Anything not listed

Minimal Offers: 5 USD 
AB: 40 USD(To encourage offers/bidding) 
Longestnight1 by Chimera-Tea

Tlnlillianicon4 by Chimera-Tea>
"Alright so it seems like you guys managed to scavenge enough food for the month. That's good." 

Tlnlillianicon2 by Chimera-Tea>
"However that's only the beginning of your problems. Get your big kid pants on and stop crying, because we got two different types of very dangerous monsters that are prowling near the castle. No where near as powerful as the ones that come later in the month when the moon is at it's peek, but let's see how prepared are you for this...Let's hope Merria decided to let you guys have actual fighting instincts. If not, you'll get it beat into you like the worthless Meerkin you are." 

Spoopghost by Chimera-Tea spoppygasdog by Chimera-Tea
Tlnlillianicon4 by Chimera-Tea>
"These two creatures were spotted by our scouts. I'll explain what each one does and how you can hunt it." 

spoppygasdog by Chimera-Tea
Tlnlillianicon4 by Chimera-Tea>
"Let's start with the most dangerous of the two shall we? A personal favorite of mine. They're called Sandmen. The gas they expel from their bodies will cause you to pass out and cause nightmares. Your worst fears will be dreamed about on repeat until it's killed. The Sandmen slowly killing you by devouring your life force. However your still able to move, and use your weapons. So your sleep walking. Once they have you in a sleep walking state they're at their weakest. So one of your team could be a test dumby, or two depending on the size of it then have one kill it by stabbing it's head. The largest eye they have is where they're heart is surprisingly so just...stab that or blast it. Whatever." 

Spoopghost by Chimera-Tea
Tlnlillianicon3 by Chimera-Tea>
"Next is Phantoms, as you can guess by their names they're ghosts. Ghosts of your friends who died because they never listened to me and I told them to not touch my things. Oh save the sob story for your little prissy Princess Merria. Does it look like I care? Let this be a lesson, to actually listen to me when I told you to not touch my shit. Anyways. Let me stay on topic before I break someone. Phantoms can be killed using magic only, physical weapons can not harm it. Something. That someone. I am not saying who. Someone forgot they can use. -cough cough- RICK -cough cough- So yeah, just blast it with your magic long enough to kill it. Also don't listen to whatever it says. It's insane from experiencing it's death multiple times, it also might make your ears bleed."

Tlnlillianicon1 by Chimera-Tea
"Since Princess Merria will complain that I'm not being 'fair' to you all. You need to pick between hunting one of them, however if you want to hunt them both then be my guest and try to earn my respect. Don't be afraid to ask me to come if you need some help...just know that I will be leading and if you find my things let me know."

Oprhiliaskull by Chimera-Tea

Tlnlillianicon4 by Chimera-Tea>
"Oh and one final thing. I noticed another skull of mine is missing from my collection. Orphilia. Oh I loved remembering the look on her face-... Anyways, I want it found as soon as possible because it seems that due to being out of my magically protected collection room, they've began decaying. As you all know, when something or someone dies you need to get away from it as soon as possible and let nature take it's course decomposing. However with these skulls, they're too dangerous to let them decompose naturally in Merrios. So please. If you find it. Do not touch it, like your grandpa did. Okay? Okay."

Tlnlillianicon1 by Chimera-Tea>
"That's all, good luck and please don't put your dirty mortal paws on my things again if you want to live.

Art Effort Key:

Art Effort key will show which types of artwork is acceptable for the events. They will be placed in the title of the prompt so you know which kind of artwork is okay or not! However we heavily encourage you to push yourself in a good time frame since you'll be rewarded for doing so.

This key will allow you to know which kind of artwork is okay for you to use for the prompt!
* = You are allowed submit a minimum of a non-colored sketch for this prompt.
** = You are allowed submit a minimum of a flat colored fullbody piece for this prompt.
*** = You are allowed submit a minimum of a shaded fullbody piece for this prompt.
[*] = You are allowed submit a minimum of a flat colored fullbody piece with background for this prompt.
[**] =You are allowed submit a minimum of a shaded fullbody piece with background for this prompt.

The Longest Night FAQ, be sure to read before asking questions and ask questions there!

Click here to go to the main event journal!

Week one prompts!

 Week Two Prompt: Hunting Begins

Prompt begins on October 12th 1am EST and is due at October 20th at 1am EST. 
After collecting enough food you made yourself home at the castle. It seemed that Grandma kin had decided to share some more information about what lurks in the darkness. Although she seems extra angry as usual. You've been given the task to pick between hunting one of the two dangerous monsters she's spoken about. Your team can choose to do one, or do both for double reward.

Please remember that all members can either choose to collaborate or have one of your members do the prompt artwork on their own for all team members.

Sandmen's Songs: **

Oh no! A sandmen seems to have placed you or your team member under their spell. Draw your Meerkin's worst fear!
Rewards: 5-20 rep points, randomly rolled potions or fruits.
Special reward: Oprhilia


Ghost's Mumurs: **

Your team has chosen to take the easier choice and hunt for the phantoms instead. However the phantom seems that they have something it needs to say. Would your Meerkin attack it or will it listen to it's insanity filled pleas?
Rewards: 5-15 rep points, randomly rolled potions or fruits.
Special Reward: Oprhilia


Chimera-Tea's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
United States
Hi I like drawing species and giving gifts to cool beans. Call me Eevee, Chimera, Chimchar etc. <3

I love puns, especially pokemon related ones.

I'm also obsessed with character development, world building and roleplaying. I'm struggling to get out of my shell more so throw conversations at me please? <3

I'm also a little helper of sorts! If you need help with your species terms of service or appearance etc. please note me!

I don't take request by TRASHYADOPTS 71 by s-k-i-e-s Surprise Surprise! by TRASHYADOPTS


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